Fatigue relief gel  is a lyophyllic emulgel with skin retention properties which is not greasy, not occlusive, has a light texture and is rapidly absorbed. It does not need lenghthy massaging, and leaves the skin smooth and soft.It is particularly indicated as an adjuvant in post-activity treatment for all muscle groups.It promotes a rapid antispasmodic/fatigue-relieving action which generates local removal of stagnant fluids from  the tissues so as to facilitate catabolic activities(elimination on toxins present in the fluids , which cause pain) and helps to reduce the feeling of haviness, swelling and soreness,at the same time leaving a pleasant sensation of well-being and freshness.


Thermo filming gel uses an innovative formulation solution which produces a product particularly suitable for use by professional and amateur sportsmen and women; its special bioadhesive matrix produces an effective “enhancing” effect which ensures greater bioavailability of the active constituents at the site of application and a particularly rapid , long-lasting effect. A powerful heating agent; particularly suitable for  the prevention of traumatic events affecting the muscle/tendon apparatus. The product only needs to be spread on the skin; a lengthy massage is not required.


The Kronolene® line is designed to meet  the needs of demanding sportsmen and women who are interested in high-quality, functional specialty products.The line is based on  the use of a very important natural biopolymer: hyaluronic acid .Hyaluronic acid plays a crucial role in maintaining tissue homeostasis and consequently the intactness of the tissue ; its function is to maintain the degree of hydration, turgidity,plasticity and viscosity,because it takes on aggregated arrangement, thus incorporating a large number of water molecules.It also acts as a cementing substance and shockproof molecule, and as an efficient lubricant.


Erythro Forte Thermo cream is a powerful thermoactive analgesic cream, for local use. It relieves muscular pain due to natural causes without irritating the skin, such as back or waist pain, pain in the joints, cold, flu but also headaches caused by muscular cervical stress. It creates a feeling of well-being, helps respiration and is ideal for the warming-up of athletes as it prevents muscular injuries and cramps.

with essential geranium oil,Menthol,eucalyptus, Aloe Berbadensis,Thymus vulgaris

see also ERYTHROFORTE Syrup for the throat





Freezing power gel with natural ingredients against muscle pain.Multiple action against muscle pains caused by sprains, bumps, fractures, cervical pains, arthritis, orthopedic problems, massage of stressed muscles and nerves.Provides IMMEDIATE relief from pain




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